Sandra Conte

Kundalini yoga is a part of my daily routine since 2013. It is a practice that accompanies me through life like a guide. After two years in Prague as an expat, I started to feel a little bit stuck about my work situation and ambitions, and was seeking something that would truly help me find fulfilment. I started practising Kundalini yoga regularly and felt immediate benefits : bad habits shifted, I had more stamina, I felt more peaceful, decision making became easy and connecting and helping people also. It is, in my opinion, not a way to escape reality, but a way to face it gracefully and with compassion.

I joined the teacher training a few months after practising by myself. The course will finish in March, but I am really happy to get this opportunity to teach and share the teachings of Yogi Bahjan.

I instruct children yoga at the French Lycee of Prague and hope to be going on a Speciality Professional Training in the coming year, where I would study yogic science for the treatment of addictive behaviour.

I would love to bring free Kundalini yoga classes as a community mission, to women shelters and rehabilitation centres.

You can contact me privately through The ManipuraProject page on facebook.

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