Hana Joti Kaur Kyralova

Our TeachersHana Joti Kaur Kyralova

I have been conducting regular classes and thematic workshops in the Kundalini Yoga Centre in Prague and in other places in the CR since 2010. I would like to share my experience achieved through my own day-to-day yoga practice and my knowledge that everything is in motion and changes continuously and it depends only on ourselves how we make use of our capabilities and potential.

In 2011, I finished the 1st degree yoga teacher training  in Germany and I attend the 2nd degree training, conducted in Germany as well, nowadays. Besides, I completed a yoga coach training in Frankfurt in 2012. In my yoga lessons, I use my knowledge and skills that I achieved in a music therapy program held in Olomouc in 2012 – 2013.

I would recommend Kundalini yoga to all who are not satisfied with only getting a hard workout when exercising but would like to change something in their lives or only go through their lives more lightly and joyfully.

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